We believe that symptoms in people are a result of the convergence of nature (what we inherit biologically, our brain development, etc.) and environment (the many influences of our life experiences). The context of our lives includes the interactions of these forces. They include personal and family dynamics and expectations, work and career settings, role models, ethnicity, education, social class, relationships of all kinds, gender and gender preference. Backgrounds that involve abuse of any kind also have a significant impact on how people feel about themselves and their situations.

Our philosophy of treatment is based upon a strong belief that human beings are “wired” to be responsive and interactive. Our holistic approach addresses symptoms that may be helped by Western medicine as well as by talk therapy, using tested alternatives when appropriate. Our purpose is to aid clients in their quest for personal authenticity, and to ease the pain of living out their struggles. We teach coping mechanisms, well-established techniques and keep up to date with research about human behavior.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to achieve mutually agreed upon results (goals).